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We didn't know what we didn't know

From 1999 to 2014, founders of TrueNorth Star Ministries and the 2nd Chance Community Foundation, David and Christy Grammon, operated TrueNorth Star Boys Ranch and Academy. The foster boys in their care were considered high-risk and required specialized services to manage extreme reactive and negative behaviors resulting from past violence, sexual abuse, sex trafficking,starvation and many other traumas that were perpetrated on them. (These early traumas have now been identified as Adverse Childhood Experiences or ACE’s.)


Our quest for answers

Driven by desperation, the Grammons determined to find answers to why love, security, structure and committed support produced only marginal success in breaking through the relational barriers caused by long-term abuse. After years of tireless research into child maltreatment and adverse behaviors in youth, they became Treatment Foster Parents for SCAR Jasper Mountain (a nationally renowned residential treatment center for children), and earned their designation as Qualified Mental Health Associates (QMHA). With first-hand knowledge of the implications and outcomes of childhood trauma, David and Christy were some of the first in the nation to begin implementing specialized trauma-informed treatment for children and youth based on the ACE Study findings released in 2000 and are now true pioneers and experts in trauma-informed care for adult survivors of Adverse Childhood Experiences.


The BIGGER picture

While fathering boys at the ranch, David enrolled in Serenity Lane’s intern program and completed his studies as a drug and alcohol counselor to augment his pastoral training. In 2012, as their foster sons transitioned into independent living, David was appointed as Senior Chaplain for Douglas County Corrections. Not long after, he was selected to serve as the Douglas County Release Coordinator for the Oregon Department of Correction’s Home for Good in Oregon (HGO) program.


Now, with over 40 years of experience and success in specialized youth and family ministry, drug and alcohol addictions counseling, recovery ministry and community activation, the Grammons have focused their energies on the restoration of their hometown, Roseburg and Douglas County.In March of 2016, they launched an annual Community Reinvestment Summit to educate and empower the community based on the ACE study findings as they relate to homelessness and addictions.


The plan

The Grammons have a well-established collaboration history with local social service agencies, treatment providers, local law enforcement and court systems, parole and probation, attorneys, local businesses, churches, and para-church ministries within the Douglas County community and other parts of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest that strategically position them to activate community-wide transformation.

In response to the growing crisis of addiction and homelessness, they established the 2nd Chance Community Foundation in September of 2018 to create a way for the general public to join together to fill the gaps in services and overcome government and agency funding limitations. The foundation empowers the community itself to fill the gaps by expanding treatment options and trauma-informed wholistic support services that are proven to rapidly and dramatically improve entire communities.


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